What Clients Say

All I can say is that I feel blessed to have been able to meet you and experience some of the most serene†and rejuvenating moments.†You have been the most wonderful and inspiring yoga teacher."

Diksha, India

"Hi Linda,
In your teachings everything was fine, I always felt safe and O.K.
My experience with kundalini yoga was good, apart from the first morning. I dropped in too late, made a lot of noise because I had problems opening the heavy door. Than I saw that the room was filled, so I could hardly find a good spot to sit. After this bad start† I had problems to concentrate on for me not familiar exercises. I decided to skip the† yoga session the second day. But after talking to you, you convinced me to give it one more try. And I'm happy I listened to your explanation, that there would be a variety of exercises. From then on I enjoyed coming to your class. You taught us clearly and enthusiastic how to do the exercises. At the end of every session there was great calmness in my mind and I felt really in touch with myself. I believe it helped me to get faster into deeper meditation afterwards. So thank you for teaching me a new way of yoga!"

Bea, Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat with Bart Smit

"Hi, Linda,
†.. I tried to come up with 'just the right words' to express my deep appreciation to you for your commitment to your path, for your wonderful clarity while instructing in the movements and postures†of Kundalini Yoga, which makes it possible for me to 'stay in the moment, focussed on the posture' while understanding the purpose as you express this, too,†and for the explanations you provide as you guide us through each session.†

I know I've expressed my appreciation to you verbally on several†occasions; Your actions inform the mind, direct the body and bless the heart!† What a magnificent gift of Grace you offer in each class, in each word.† It is up to each of us to accept that gift and take it inwardly.

Thank you, for your friendship, your life choices, and your delightful engagement in your own commitment from which each of your students and associates benefit!

I have been blessed with the opportunity of taking classes with you both in Puerto Vallarta at the retreats, and weekly classes here in Toronto.† I am anticipating with great pleasure, again this year, your morning Kundalini Yoga classes at the meditation retreat in P.V. :)†

Warmest regards, and Big Hugs,
in Love and Light,"


"Through Lindaís guidance and her Kundalini yoga classes I have found my soulís voice, inner peace and discovered the power of prayer, Linda, thank you for your guidance."


" I want to thank you for teaching Kundalini Yoga at the 2006 Puerto Vallarta Intensive Retreat. As a teacher, I find you to be incredibly clear, centered, connected to source, grounded, and soothing. I feel that all of these qualities that you possess made the yoga experience that much more healing and divine. Your enthusiasm for the practice of Kundalini Yoga is truly inspiring! I recommend you to all who are looking for an experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher who can accelerate the journey home to the heart. Many blessings."

Laurie Weinberg, Spiritual Psychotherapist/ Hypnotherapist

"I came to class with the assumption that Kundalini Yoga was ONLY about breathing. I learned that it is not ONLY about breathing:
- Breath is healing on all levels
- It is a system designed to exercise all parts of the body intensely! Quite challenging!!!
- It is also a system to heal and cleanse internal organs
- It can complement all kinds of other healing modalities
- And also complement training for sports and fitness in general
- ...and probably much more that I haven't discovered yet!
- I liked it a lot!!!"

Lise Wearing RNCP, Liseonlife, Wellness and Nutrition

"I did not know Kundalini Yoga until our shared experience in Puerto Vallarta with you as teacher - my life changed for the better as I finally let go of heavy emotional (and dark) baggage through the yoga led by you, and the meditations led by Bart Smit. I could actually see physical changes (toner, stronger body) match the inner ones (more balance and serenity). And I swear I look younger too...† Always good.

Your skills as a teacher ...and much much more, for you hold our experience with your presence... are beyond reproach and I honestly could not recommend improvements, as none are needed. You are working in your passion and your love for us, your students, is evident and carries us far into an experience that otherwise would not exist, without your kind heart, devotion and pure intentions.

Blessings to you always, Akasha, with my profound gratitude that you are here..."

Anne Marie Gabriel

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