Kundalini Yoga Classes

You can enjoy beginner and intermediate Kundalini Yoga classes with Linda in a group environment or in one-on-one sessions. She is also available to lead intensive weeklong yoga or meditation retreats. To arrange classes or retreats, contact Linda.

Group yoga classes last 90 minutes and usually include a Kriya (postures), Pranayama (breath), Mudras (hand positions), Mantra, Relaxation, and Meditation.

Linda teaches students aged 16 and up in various studios in London, Ontario.
You may know her by her yoga name, Akasha Kaur*.
See teaching schedule for Linda Racicot/Akasha Kaur's classes in London.

Contact Linda for information on class times and dates, or to arrange for personalized instruction.

Fees: Single class $15.00.** Cash payment. Discount for purchase of a card for 5 or 10 classes.
** Fees may vary with location.

As a precaution, please contact your medical practitioner before beginning yoga. Disclaimer

Wear loose-fitting clothes (cotton) that you can move in easily and a head covering (cap or kerchief), both preferably white. In Kundalini Yoga tradition, the head covering helps you contain your energy. White combines all colors and enhances your magnetic field and auric strength.

* "I found Kundalini Yoga by accident or perhaps divine design. After the first class I felt a change. I felt good about myself and wanted to keep that feeling. I practised Kundalini Yoga on and off for eight years, then finally decided to become a teacher. Yogi Bhajan gave me my spiritual name: Akasha Kaur. It means "Princess of the ethers" or wisdom."
- Linda Racicot