Spiritual Psychotherapy
Spiritual psychotherapy touches your heart and soul.

Spiritual Psychotherapy is a rapidly growing, innovative approach to healing that enhances traditional psychotherapy. It recognizes our dual nature as both human beings and spiritual beings, addressing the needs of the human soul as well as the human experience. The goal of spiritual psychotherapy is to bring you to a point of peaceful coexistence between your ego-driven earthly personality and your soul-guided spiritual self. See sessions for more information.

Each of us has the capacity to experience our full potential. So what blocks our growth toward this end? For one of us, it might be limiting beliefs and attachments to past and familiar ways of living and doing things. For another, fear of the new and unknown. For others, self-destructive habits, the inability to forgive and let go of old hurts and wounds, or the seemingly unshakable feeling that we are in some way inadequate and unworthy of being fully alive, happy and experiencing the love we desire in our lives. Yet none of these reflect the real truth about us.

The truth is you are lovable and deserving of love, peace and happiness. Deep down you know this, but knowledge becomes wisdom only through experience. To heal, you must find the courage to change.

The human heart is the bridge in this integrative process. Whatever your issues are, lasting healing and transformation in mind, body and soul can be reached only through the heart. As the eyes are the windows of the soul, the heart is the doorway to healing our inner wounds. Spiritual Psychotherapy recognizes this and employs a wide range of counselling and therapeutic techniques to work on all levels.

Working with your therapist in this process, you move through your fears and old unconscious patterns to where your inner energy and excitement about life begins to blossom.