Spiritual Psychotherapy Sessions

Linda helps you rediscover your intuition, inner wisdom and joy. Whether you need help making lifestyle changes, or require assistance and support recovering from serious trauma, illness, addictions or the loss of a loved one, she assists you to realize your full human and soul potential through the process of transformational healing.

She tailors her approach to your individual needs, drawing on traditional psychotherapy tools such as inner child work and various forms of self-expression, as well as holistic modalities such as body psychotherapy, focusing, sub-personalities, visualizations, meditation, chakra work, and more.

Linda specializes in couple's and individual therapy, with people aged at least 20 years or more. A therapy session is one hour and confidentiality is completely guaranteed.

Contact Linda for information about fees and to arrange an appointment.
(Fees are not covered by OHIP.)

Spiritual Psychotherapy can help you deal with challenges such as:

Mild depression
Relationship challenges
Fear of change
Limiting habitual patterns
Wanting more out of life
Connection with spirit
Feeling like you are in a rut
Difficulties in making decisions
Weight/body image
Unhealthy behaviour patterns
Dealing with the emotions of terminal illnesses
Feeling lost or like you don't belong
Stress Management
Self Motivation
Loss of a loved one